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We have a passion for customer service.

TA Equipment Finance believes customer service is not just a priority, it is our purpose. Our reputation for legendary customer service is the result of a unified philosophy in “getting it right” the first time and exceeding the customer’s expectations every time. This principle permeates every aspect of TriStar’s business practices. Our extraordinary success is the fruit of years spent committed to our customers and their futures.

We embrace responsibility.

TA Equipment Finance cultivates the habit of personal responsibility in every aspect of our chosen vocations. The impetus for our success is our personalization of TA’s values, principles, and goals. We comprehend the connection between our daily tasks and the performance of the company.

We strive for continued self improvement.

TA’s employees are better trained, more highly motivated, and harder working than our competitors. Demands and expectations are high, and as a result, not everyone can be part of our team. We see every challenge as an opportunity to develop our skills. We take pride in our work ethic and what we can accomplish.

We require constant innovation.

TA is never satisfied with the status quo. While our current procedures may still be valid, we always insist there must be a better way to serve our customers. We take pride in our practices which will continue to set industry standards.


We demand integrity.

TA practices honesty in every professional and personal aspect of our lives. Integrity and the highest ethical standards are the essence of our business. Without honor, our efforts are void.

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